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The dilapidated, creepy environments set the perfect tone for the stealth/survival gameplay that cranks up the suspense to almost unbearable levels. This isn’t your typical go-in-guns-blazing zombie game. You’ll have to sneak past stronger foes, conserve your ammo, and scavenge for supplies. The action-packed moments let you feel every bone-crushing, face-smashing blow, and the dramatic scenes are just as emotionally engaging. If you’re looking for the ultimate zombie survival experience, The Last of Us is by far the best you’re going to get.

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It smarts even more if you use the optional create-a-survivor feature to seed your game world with pixelated versions of your friends and family. No matter who you need to leave behind, you’d better be ready to start up that car andget goneif you want to make it north of the border.

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You play as Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who finds himself as the protector of an orphaned little girl named Clementine. As you encounter other survivors, you’ll end up making decisions down the line that have dire repercussions for your group members. But the worst part is that you develop a connection with the characters in your party. So, when those bad things start to happen, you’ll feel like it wasyourfriend that you just saw get eaten alive rather than a mere video game character. People will die, the unexpected will happen, and decisions will need to be made. And this isnota game that’s afraid to perma-kill your randomly generated darlings.

You’ve got to survive, and surviving means gathering food, medicine, ammo, and building supplies. You’re doing what you can to keep your community healthy and in good enough spirits in a world that does not have a lot left to go around. There are different kinds of zombies, too, but they all tend to act the same — unlike the stellar strategy game, Plants vs. Zombies 2 . That is, this game might’ve delivered more depth had the zombies brought their own unique abilities instead of just looking differently. Michael Wall quickly became infected by the game’s premise. "They’re definitely tapping into this idea that parasites can change the behavior of their hosts and make their hosts do things to the benefit of the parasite."

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Of course, some of it can be acquired by spending real money. That’s a reoccurring theme in most mobile games and sadly zombie ones are no exception. Zombie Frontier 3 is separated into different missions. In each mission, you’re guided through a level until you’ve killed all zombies around. Since aiming, moving and shooting all at once with only two thumbs is inconvenient, the game does the moving for you, letting you focus on aiming and shooting. It’s important to be precise with that since your ammo is limited and running out means certain death. But while you’ll spend a lot of State of Decay 2 killing zombies, it’s a game that’s far more interested in other things.

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Beyond the "Halloween" movie theme song ripoff right at the start of AZMD the music is entirely forgettable. The zombie and weapon sounds are passable, and there is no spoken dialogue. The sole exception to the slightly above average sound effects is one ear-splitting point in the game where the player is trying to find a lost cell phone. There is a lengthy conversation to read through all while the game punishes the player with a cell phone ringing about 2 levels louder than is even remotely comfortable to listen to.

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